Talking about birch, associatively, we represent images of Russian bath with a birch broom, mischievous kids in sandals, drinking birch sap and golden-haired beauty, collecting berries in a basket on meadow, filled with sunshine.

But due to technological advances, we have stepped far beyond the Russian folklore. Thousands of items using in many areas of production are received of birch

Birch is widely used in medicine and perfume industries. The buds, leaves and birch bark contain essential oils and acids, alcohols, naphthalene, and colorants. Different paints, formulations, medical infusions and decoctions are made of birch buds. Ointments, activated charcoal are made of wood.

Birch sap-useful and pleasant refreshing wood elixir 

Birch wood used for pulp, for making paper.

Due to the fact that the birch leaves no splinters, it is used in the kitchen utensils manufacture, toothpicks and ice cream sticks manufacture. For the same reason the birch is the most popular eco-friendly material for children’s furniture and toys.

High toughness and hardness performances of the Siberian birch make it possible to produce high-quality flooring and durable ladder.

According to the fact, that the main criteria of choosing the material for the manufacture of interior items are aesthetics, quality and sustainability, without a shadow of a doubt, we can say that the birch leads in all positions. At the same time, allowing you to implement any design refinements, in financial aspect birch is a more democratic material compared to other types of wood such as beech and oak.

Birch never goes out of style, has its own particular style and is suitable for the modern young interior and for the design of complex projects in the living space arrangement. The uniqueness of the white Siberian birch wood is still in the fact that it is as a pure canvas for the artist, as a soft clay for the sculptor, this material is very pliable to any kind of treatment.

Giving more possibilities for the creative ideas realizing, birch can be used as a light material, and as stained or painted in any shade of the color spectrum. Keep warm, noble and refined elegance of birch, due to the modern technology, we carefully use the nature of the material for your home arrangement!