Flooring is more than just a finishing material. This is style and comfort, this is the atmosphere in the House and its mood of its owners.

Like many lumber, flooring sorted by quantity of knots, cutting method and the availability of sapwood — sites with low wood density.

These characteristics affect the behavior of materials in the process of exploitation. The service life depends not only on quality, but also of the breed of wood. For example, solid wood is more durable than soft. So, Birch is a more stable and mature material.

Types of parquet are classified by size of laths, number of layers in design, forms, etc., standard classification distinguishes parquet (short, narrow strips), mosaic parquet (artistic performance using strips of various sizes and configuration), the Panel Board parquet (multi-layered, often square designs from half a meter or more), as well as parquet Board (long, wide strips, the so-called deck flooring). A separate place occupies the industrial kind is when the planks are glued with edge to face, if that is dictated by the specific requirements of some production facilities.

Special effect in living areas can be achieved using several different breeds of wood, colors and textures. Not the last role in the appearance and durability of the parquet plays special handling, as well as surface periodic updates, during operation.