In fact, the history of construction started with the tree. This democratic and fertile material. With the development of technology it was not forget, but even took a special place. In modern wooden houses, those flaws which were inevitable 100 or even 50 years ago are already absent. But no other artificial material does not possess those characteristics, which a simple log have.

Log structures absorb, retain and release heat over a considerable period of time. But the heat in a House, is not only the testimony of thermometer.  Wrought with various breeds, Interior himself becomes warm and radiates comfort.

Construction details create a special aura. For example, birch flooring. Or wall panels. By the way, this tree easily simulate valuable breeds, it is widely used in indoor works or for carvings manufacture. Well dried, Birch becomes smooth and acquires a beautiful matte sheen. It can decorate any room.

The smell of wood gives a special charm. Its easier to breathe in wooden house, than in anyone else Here you rarely have a headache, neurotic symptoms are not exacerbated,  problems,  associated with hypertension, fade. And as in the construction used various types of wood , the environmental properties of such housing only become fully fledged.