They discussed issues regarding natural resources, terms and risks of the investment project of wood processing in the region. Thereby, the meeting was attended by Oksana Fadina, Minister of the Economy, Alexander Vinokurov, Minister of the Natural Resources, Vladimir Kupriyanov, Minister of the Labour and Social Development, and Sergey Maksimov, Chief of Forestry Department.
 The Chinese delegation arrived on August 4th followed by the preliminary agreements that were achieved during the visit of Viktor Nazarov, the Governor of Omsk Region, to China in June.
Today Oksana Fadina, Minister of the Economy, told us about the prospects of a cluster development in timber industry in Omsk region, about the existing facilities of the cluster and the basic methods of the investment project implementation, focusing on the support measures of investors.
Representatives of the "Kai Sheng" Corporation confirmed their interest in cooperation. "We have been engaged in woodworking for more than 20 years. We have long-term relationships with Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk cities. In June we attended meetings during the visit of the representatives of Omsk region to Manzhou, learnt a lot about the potential of the timber industry cluster in Omsk region and about the support that is provided by your government. That is why we are interested in expanding our cooperation with Russia and are ready to establish a woodworking enterprise in your region ", - said Zhu Xiuhua, the General Director of the "Kai Sheng" Corporation.
In order to implement the investment project, the "Kai Sheng" Corporation is required to have a forest territory with an annual volume of forest logging that is more than 500 thousand cubic meters. Alexander Vinokurov, Minister of the Natural Resources, said that there are forest areas with hardwood species (birch, aspen) with logging volume of more than 700 thousand cubic meters on the territory of Tevrizsky, Tarski, Bolsheukovsky, Sedelnikovsky, Znamensky regions. It was also noted that the reserve base is located at the available distance for the project implementation: from 60 to 220 km, and during summer the water transport by the Irtysh river is also available.
Zhu Xiuhua outlined the scope of the future enterprise – they are planning to create thousands of job vacancies for the residents of Omsk. Armen Babadzhanyan, the General Director of "AVA company" LLC, also attended the meeting in order to establish a constructive cooperation within the timber industry cluster.
“I am glad that the visit of Omsk delegation to China has pushed the development of forest industry of the region. I would like to note that we are not competitors – in our area, there are so much forest resources that current market players cannot even process. We are ready to share our experience, create joint projects based on the formula “two plus two equals five”, - noted Armen Babadzhanyan.
Today, the delegation of "Kai Sheng" Corporation visited the factory of “AVA company” LLC.
As a result of the meeting, Andrey Novoselov has delegated to Oksana Fadina, Minister of the Economy, to create an interdepartmental working group by the mid-August  in order to support this project.